Friday, February 24, 2012

God's Doing A New Thing

When I was little, I absolutely loved oldies music! One of my favorite songs was "Daydream Believer." When I was in high school, I would daydream all the time about my future and I just knew for certain they would come true. Did y'al ever do that? I believed so much in those daydreams and it seemed impossible for them not to come true. Yet, they did not! I always thought that I would graduate from college with a ring on my finger, a professional football/baseball player fiance, and have a speaking tour with Beth Moore. … I mean as kids we are told to reach for the stars, so I took that literally. As I drove away … in my little Ford Focus, headed back to my small town with no job, no ring,…and no speaking engagements, I couldn't help but mourn the death of my dreams. I felt I should bury them deep in my heart and tell them to rest in peace because for all that I knew they had died that day!

Did you ever have a dream that you had to … bury deep in your heart and silently mourn the loss of? …I have wondered what God's plan is. Over and over again in my heart I hear the verse Isa. 43:19, "See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland." Abraham wanted to be a father, but God created a "new thing" when He became the father of many nations. Joseph wanted to be second in command in Potipher's house, yet God made a "new thing" when He made him second in command over a nation. Ruth lost the love of her life, but God sent a "new thing" in the form of Boaz. David wanted to shepherd a flock, but God sent a "new thing" when He shephered Israel. Job was the most blessed man in all the land only for God to send a "new thing" and Job was doubly blessed more than before. All of these people and so many more in the Word of God "buried" their dreams only to see God create a "new thing" in their desert! The dreams they had struggled to reach did not even come close to being in the same galaxy as the ones that God had planned for them"

Don't give up on the giver of dreams when the ones you bury seemed the best! God doesn't take away something good to not give something better in return! Stop being a "daydream believer," but instead believe in the God whose plan is better than those dreams! Trust that as you walk through the wasteland, He is preparing you for the dream He had planned when He lovingly formed you in the womb!

Betsy Bolick
Small Enough Ministry

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

As a Christian it is not always easy to the do the right thing. It is a struggle. As Paul says "I want to do what is right but wrong is right there beside me". [Romans 7:19-21] Yes, people make it hard for you to stay saved but what I have determined in my heart is to continue to grow in spite of people. Reading and study God's Word is one way. Another is reading my daily devotionals which inspires me to reach for higher ground even when those around me are going lower.

Share with us some of your struggles with your Christian walk or your faith in times of trouble. You never know. Your testimony could be someone else's turning point.

If you have a prayer request, do share it. We have pray warriors willing to stand in the gap.