Tuesday, January 24, 2012

As a Christian it is not always easy to the do the right thing. It is a struggle. As Paul says "I want to do what is right but wrong is right there beside me". [Romans 7:19-21] Yes, people make it hard for you to stay saved but what I have determined in my heart is to continue to grow in spite of people. Reading and study God's Word is one way. Another is reading my daily devotionals which inspires me to reach for higher ground even when those around me are going lower.

Share with us some of your struggles with your Christian walk or your faith in times of trouble. You never know. Your testimony could be someone else's turning point.

If you have a prayer request, do share it. We have pray warriors willing to stand in the gap.


  1. I have found that a lot of our trials and persecution come to make us strong. The Word of God says that if we resist the devil he will flee. Think it not strange when you fall into various trials, for they do come to make you strong! I allowed a situation with another saint to cause me to step down from doing the very thing I love to do. The great man of God that I sit under now explained to me that for the anointing and calling on my life, I will suffer gossip, persecution, and all that come with that territory. What I had to learn was to soar above and beyond persecution. God told me everytime I cried to Him to just look at His son's life. This is what got me through. So I say to you today, "thank God for all that comes your way and endure because in due season you will reap."

  2. Resisting the devil is not always a easy task especially if you have not learned how to rein in your flesh. We can do it though if we draw close to God.

  3. As Christians we need to be careful as we walk out this life in that our actions do not cause another hurt, harm or danger. How do you handle the people who do not give you what you want? How do you react to people who treat you wrong? How do you behave in the presence of people who do not think you are the cat's meow and the dog's bow wow? Not everyone will like you. The devil will happily place people on your path that he knows get under your skin. We are the lights for Christ in a world desperately in need of spiritual guidance. We can't lead if we are not being lead. What do you see when you look at your man in the mirror (your face)? Would God be pleased with your actions? Do your friends consider you "a friend?" Are you just in the relationship because of what you can get out of it? Living holy is not easy. Sometimes we fall short and sometimes we fall flat. The good thing about the God we serve is that He is forgiving. What I want more than anything else is to be like Him. My prayer daily is Lord keep me holy. Don't let me live the Christian life by my standards, but by Yours. What do I mean? Well, I may think my actions and behavior toward you is holy or merited, but what if God thinks differently. I want Him to nudge me and let me know or send someone to let me know, "You were wrong", and when they come to me, I want to be woman enough, Christian enough, like Jesus enough that I will say "You know, you are right. I'm sorry". Don't let the devil turn you onto the wrong paths in life. Desire to follow the right way.